Hello and thank you for visiting my site.     You may be wondering who I am and why you should be reading my website, after all you don’t know anything about me or who I am.
I’m Carla Frey from Harrison, Ohio, a tiny town west of Cincinnati.   I went to school at Miami University, earning an Associate in Arts degree in communications and sociology.  However,  the exciting part is that none of that is necessary to be successful in the Internet Marketing World!  
I’ve been playing around in the internet marketing arena, although I was sidetracked by my job for a long time. In the spring of 2015 like many others I was laid off from my job.  After years of feeling stuck in a rut and like there was no time for fun and joy in life, I felt like a prisoner let out of a cage!  This last year so many things have happened in my life, but I had the freedom to be there when my brother needed me, and when we lost him, the freedom to spend time with my family.  
I  took the time to do some traveling and did a cross country road trip while on my way to a seminar with Jack Canfield to learn to be certified as a Jack Canfield trainer.  I have a lot to learn and  I’m not technical, but with patience, the right tools and a great team, I am creating my dream and you can too!    The exciting thing about this is that anyone and I really do mean anyone who is willing to take the time and effort to learn, can be successful. 
When I found the MOBE products, I was so impressed with a step by step system to create a legitimate and profitable online business.  I have to tell you though, you won’t get rich overnight! You must be consistent, have patience and TAKE ACTION.
Are you looking for a way to bring in some extra income? Maybe looking to replace your current job? Trying to slash your way out of the cubicle jungle?   The internet provides so many wonderful opportunities for you to earn anything from just a few dollars to help out the family budget, to providing an exciting and fun lifestyle you may have only dreamed of before.
Check out some of the training products that I am using to build my financial freedom.    There are so many ways to earn income with your laptop and find ways to perhaps supplement your retirement income.  I'm sure one of them will be able to help you as well.
I hope you will join me and my team as we find our own path to financial and personal freedom! And don’t forget to have fun along the way 🙂